Inkassolution GmbH

As a young entrepreneur, I benefited greatly from Mr. Trajanov’s broad knowledge. I cannot even imagine how my business would have developed if I had not used the strategies and advice Mr. Trajanov gave me. I highly recommend Mr. Trajanov to every new entrepreneur. I would like to use this moment to thank him for his professional support and fruitful collaboration.

Milan Milic
Managing Director

Cicor Group

I consider Mr. Trajanov as competent, transparent and, above all, an authentic person. The coaching of Nikola Trajanov gave me strength, courage, knowledge and a zest for action in relation to my career at the Cicor Technologies Ltd. public company.

Always being highly professional, full of knowledge, humorous and direct, Mr. Trajanov has helped me determine and choose the next steps for my personal and professional life. Simply choose the brilliant Mr. Nikola Trajanov!

Nora Gavazaj
Assistant to the CEO

Werbekracher Deutschland LLC

“The one who stops being better, stops being good.” That is the reason we decided not only to expand, but to expand beyond the borders of Germany. In order to achieve this, we needed professional support and global experience. We were easily persuaded that Mr. Trajanov is the right choice. He is a practitioner, а pragmatist and a very friendly person. Our project was realized successfully. On behalf of my company, I would like to express my gratitude and sincerely recommend Mr. Trajanov’s services.

Andreas Herrmann
Executive Managing Partner

Ikademie GmbH

Nikola Trajanov arbeitet für unsere Gesellschaft nunmehr seit fast einem Jahrzehnt. Der Mehrwert für unser Unternehmen besteht in seinem Know-how als Unternehmensberater und Experte für Vertriebslösungen. Deshalb beschäftigen wir ihn auch für unsere Kunden als Verkaufstrainer. Wir bedanken uns für die stets gewinnbringende Zusammenarbeit und empfehlen ihn gern weiter.

Nicole Herrmann

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