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With the strategy consultant for business success
Starting a business and having it not only in the short term, but also in the longer term, is not easy. From an initial idea and many ideas, a business concept has to be developed which has a practical existence. Even if it does not sound problematic at first, many start-up founders have difficulties in proceeding well and developing a concrete business plan. It has to be determined where one stands as a company, what the market situation looks like, which goals are set in the short, long and medium term and what are the prospects for success. It is important to develop a strategy for how best to put these goals into action. This task is not only overwhelming many start-ups, but also many existing small and medium-sized companies, so that the help of an outside strategy consultant is necessary.

Why a strategy consultant? The advantages
A competent strategy consultant like Nikola Trajanov is able to help new and existing companies to develop a suitable corporate, financial or marketing strategy. As an outsider, the strategy consultant is completely unbiased. He is therefore often better able to gauge conditions than those who are directly involved in the company. The strategy consultant can assess the situation objectively and his neutral view allows sometimes to find completely new solutions. Of course, an objective view is not the only advantage that professional strategy consultants like Nikola Trajanov have to offer. First and foremost, of course, is the experience in the field of economics, as well as comprehensive expertise, from which start-ups as well as small and medium-sized companies can benefit.

TRAJANOV ® – Strategy Consultant, Business Consultant and Coach
For Swiss start-up founders and existing companies, strategy consultant, business consultant and coach Nikola Trajanov is on hand. His professional background has prepared him well for his work as a strategy consultant. More than ten years of experience as managing director in the field of financial services, as a member of the board of directors of various public limited companies as well as managerial project experience are just a few examples of the activities that qualify Nikola Trajanov as a strategy consultant. The Cand. In addition, Master of Corporate Board is characterized by personal strengths such as negotiating skills, communication skills, creativity and strong maker qualities, which make Nikola Trajanov an ideal strategy consultant.

Maximize opportunities
Start-ups who need to find a strategy for their new business are just as much at TRAJANOV ® Business Consulting & Coaching as companies that want to adapt or renew their corporate strategy. As a strategic consultant, Nikola Trajanov helps small and medium-sized companies as well as business start-ups to determine their entrepreneurial route and to optimize their chances of economic success. Thanks to a competent strategic consulting by Nikola Trajanov, start-ups have a smooth and promising start. If difficulties arise, they can be cleared out of the way immediately. Existing small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of a variety of other services in addition to strategy consulting. Liquidity procurement, growth consulting, marketing consulting, sales and motivation training, sales management and controlling … The range of TRAJANOV ® Business Consulting & Coaching offerings is extensive and can be individually tailored to the needs of each customer.

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