Marketing Strategy

With the right marketing strategy to success
The choice of the marketing strategy can be of great importance for the success or failure of a company. If a company has no or not the right marketing strategy, it will have great problems to be able to position and assert oneself in the market. So it’s very important to choose the right marketing strategy from the beginning. This can only happen if a careful analysis has taken place first. It is important to look carefully at where each company currently stands, where it should move and what its opportunities are. Based on this, a suitable strategy can be determined. Since the marketing strategy is so important to a business, the matter should not be taken lightly. It is advisable to consult a professional consultant for the development of the strategy, who can provide assistance with specialist know-how and a neutral perspective.

Track marketing goals
The marketing strategy is used to determine the means by which the marketing goals of the company are implemented. For example, if a medium-sized company wants to establish itself as a leader in the region, the marketing strategy determines how this set marketing goal can be achieved. Depending on the marketing goal, different strategies can be used. However, determining which strategy promises the most success is not easy. Every company and every project has different requirements. An experienced business consultant and coach like Nikola Trajanov is aware of this. With his professional know-how combined with creativity and a sure feeling, he is able to develop the right marketing strategy for every company. It does not matter if a completely new business start-up strategy needs to be developed or if an existing business needs help with marketing strategy.

Not just one way leads to the goal
There are very different measures a company can take to achieve its marketing goals. Which marketing strategy is the right one, is clarified together with Business Consultant and Coach Nikola Trajanov. It may be appropriate to tap into new markets or target groups. It may also be advisable to give up other markets or target groups. Often it is advisable to expand the range of products or services or to concentrate on specific services or products. The question also arises as to whether the company in question should aim at eliminating potential competitors from the market or that it would be wise to adjust to peaceful coexistence. Nikola Trajanov helps Swiss start-ups and small and medium-sized companies to find and implement the right marketing strategy.

The perfect marketing strategy by the professional
Of course, many factors play a role in finding the right marketing strategy. The marketing goals and the measures to achieve them should remain realistic and feasible. The environment of the company plays a role as well as its resources. New companies not only need a completely different strategy because of the different financial resources than companies that are already established in the market. For a specialist like Nikola Trajanov, it is no problem to adapt to the needs of each company and to support it with a lot of expertise.

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