Strategy development

Strategy development – what is it?
Strategy development is commonly understood as one of the core tasks of every management department. It is about developing strategies for getting from the current state to a state that has not yet been achieved but is considered desirable. The strategy development can cover different parts of the business. These include, for example, the marketing, the finances or the development and placement of certain products. Strategy development can also involve the development or revision of a completely new corporate strategy. In order to find the right ways to achieve the strategic goals of a company, professional know-how, creativity and a good sense for economic conditions are needed. Large companies can rely on highly qualified employees in this field. Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies do not have this luxury. If they need support in strategy development, they need to hope for external help.

Help with strategy development
Business founders as well as small and medium-sized enterprises find the necessary support at TRAJANOV ® Business Consulting & Coaching. TRAJANOV ® Business Consulting & Coaching is headed by Nikola Trajanov, who served as Managing Director of Financial Services for ten years and is a Cand. Master of Corporate Board is. His background also includes his work as a member of the board of directors of various public limited companies and, moreover, many managerial project experiences. Nikola Trajanov continued to coach, plan and implement new business areas. All these experiences have made Nikola Trajanov fit for work as a business consultant and coach for business start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses.

Strategy development and more
TRAJANOV ® Business Consulting & Coaching promises not only competent support in strategy development in different areas. Nikola Trajanov advises start-up founders on all matters relating to the foundation. Whether it is about setting up a business plan or business plan, about strategy development, the right choice of location or financing advice – the coach is available to founders at any time for questions and answers. In this way, the foundation runs as smoothly as possible and any problems can be quickly resolved. Existing companies offer the business consultant and coach comprehensive advice on growth prospects and opportunities, sales management and controlling, marketing or strategy development. Nikola Trajanov also supports companies when it comes to obtaining liquidity or when employees need to be coached in terms of sales and motivation.

Professional and personal strengths
Not only does his professional background qualify Nikola Trajanov for advising companies on strategy development and many other aspects. It is also the personal strengths that make Nikola Trajanov a perfect business consultant and coach for Swiss companies. The coach has a high level of communication and negotiation skills, as well as his analytical approach in combination with his machinist mentality in tasks such as corporate strategy development.

You need help with strategy development for your company? Whether it is about corporate strategy or the development of appropriate strategies in subareas – Nikola Trajanov will be there to help and advise you. It ensures that you maximize your chances of success and take a big step forward with your company.

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